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Rifleman Roundtable

Oct 27, 2018

RR4 Behind the Gun Counter - This week Dan and Cheryl Todd join the roundtable to discuss the news of the week and tales from behind the gun counter.


Ak47 Red Dot Optics Mount

Hudson Red Dot Slides Now Shipping

Dick’s Sued Over Ammo Market Manipulation


Dan & Cheryl Todd

AZ Firearms

Gun Freedom Radio



Oct 20, 2018

RR 3 The Evolving Gun Culture - This week the roundtable consists of Matt, Paul, and Bill. Discussing the gun news of the week and how it demonstrates the evolution of gun culture.

Push Button VP9

2019 New Hornady Ammo Offerings

YHM Ultimate Upper

Binary AK47 Trigger

Vietnam Vet NFA Prosecution

NFA Amnesty



Oct 13, 2018

RR 2 Big Tent 2A - This week the roundtable consists of Matt, Heinrich, and Erin Palette. Discussing news of the week and expanding gun rights in the LQBT community. 

Steyr MonoBlock

New Ruger Precision Rifle Magnum Calibers

Ruger product page

Remington Tac 13 Semi Auto 12ga

New Springfield XD’s in 10mm


Oct 6, 2018

RR 1 Getting Competitive - Matt, Lloyd, and Paul sit down to discuss this weeks news and competitive shooting.


NFA eForm 1 is online again

NFA wait time tracker

Limited Edition Adult Red Ryder BB Guns

Discrete Bullet Proof Jackets

Alien Pistol

Hypersonic Long Range Rifle


Main topic 

Competitive Shooting